FHI 360 Moldova

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP): Support in Organizing and Conducting a Visibility Event

Within the framework of the Moldova Partnerships for Sustainable Civil Society (MPSCS) project, FHI 360 is seeking a contractor for organizing a fair/event for CSOs in the center of Chisinau with presentations by MPSCS-funded initiatives, allowing people to learn about CSOs’ efforts and accomplishments in changing or improving the lives of their beneficiaries. The organization will be responsible for all logistical arrangements related to the organization of the event and involve MPSCS partners, media, public authorities and other stakeholders.

RFP FOR: Hiring an organization that will assist the Moldova Partnerships for Sustainable Civil Society (MPSCS) project in organizing and facilitating a visibility event.

APPLICANT PROFILE: Legal entities registered in Moldova (CSO, production company, PR agency) with proven experience in organizing and conducting large indoor and outdoor public events.

PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: Up to 5 months (March –July 2018)

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: November 21, 2017,14:00 local Moldova time

QUESTIONS ON RFP DUE: November 7, 2017, 16:00 local Moldova time

PROPOSAL SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Interested companies should submit their technical and cost proposals to the following address: MPSCS, 202 Stefan cel Mare Ave., 7th Floor, Chisinau, MD 2004,

Or by e-mail to mpscs[at]fhi360.org with the subject: Visibility Event. Proposals should be submitted in English.



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