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This report covers the fifth quarterly reporting period of the Moldova Partnerships for Sustainable Civil Society (MPSCS) project. MPSCS is a five-year project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by FHI 360. 
Some of the highlights of the work accomplished during this period include:

Objective 1: CSOs More Effectively Represent their Constituencies

Nine MPSCS partner CSOs continues advocacy campaigns aimed at improving legislation and conditions of their constituents – elderly, youth, media, women, Roma people, employers, and PWDs.
One hundred thirty eight socially disadvantaged people from north Moldova received free legal assistance from Clinica Juridică Universitară (University Legal Clinic).
Moldovan labor market discrimination index, which is offering more exact data on discrimination cases at labor market developed by Centrul Parteneriat pentru Dezvoltare (Center Partnership for Development). 
Forty journalists, media experts and civil society representatives discussed and signed the MPSCS grantee Centrul pentru Jurnalism Independent (Independent Journalism Center) appeal to the Parliament of Moldova to adopt the law 240 on Broadcasting Code modification.
Four youth initiatives in promoting community development, professional orientation of graduates, environment protection and inclusion of youth with disabilities in social life were launched by Certitudine.
Five CSOs shortlisted by MPSCS to implement projects aiming at better representing people with disabilities rights, advocate for, and monitor the implementation of legislative reforms. 
Seven selected project proposals under the MPSCS EU (European Union) Action grants program started their activities.
More than 400,000 citizens from the country informed about the European integration process through public debates, discussion clubs, round tables, press clubs, door-door-activities and European Weeks, organized by 19 MPSCS partner CSOs.
One thousand two hundred Moldovan schools organized European Union Weeks reaching more than 200,000 participants (youth and teachers) with Consiliul National al Tineretului din Moldova – CNTM (National Youth Council of Moldova) assistance, in partnership with the Ministry of Education (MoE), Ministry of Youth and Sports, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova.
Twenty-six MPSCS partner CSOs developed and distributed a series of EU informational materials including TV shows, films, fillers, infographics, brochures, leaflets, print and online articles and newspaper supplements to highlight the benefits of EU integration for Moldova. 
Second TV and radio spot EUROPE FOR YOU supporting the idea that EU offers assistance to the projects implemented by people who want a better life in a free and wealthy country was developed and broadcasted 56 times at Radio Noroc during the reporting period. 

Objective 2: The Institutional Capacities of Strategic Partners Developed 

Twenty-five MPSCS partner CSOs and other CSOs improved their knowledge and skills in financial management, good governance, management and team motivation, leadership, fundraising and new accounting instructions by attending workshops delivered by CICO.
CICO conducted need assessments in financial management, human resource management, and good governance for five MPSCS partner CSOs in order to start providing tailored technical assistance (TA) to them. 
Nineteen Engage partners continued to improve internal policies and procedures in line with their TDPs through trainings, coaching and consultations.
Eighteen representatives of the MPSCS partners’ developed their advocacy and media outreach skills by attending workshops carried out by Radic Nebojsa, international expert contracted by MPSCS.
Eight representatives of the MPSCS strategic partner organizations and MPSCS team improved their capacity building knowledge and skills as result of attending trainings delivered by Keith Aulick, FHI 360 international expert.
MPSCS revised its Community Scorecard and is ready to apply it with partners CSOs.
MPSCS partner CSOs voluntarily completed the Gender Self-Assessment Questionnaire and demonstrated a good level of willingness to implement activities aimed at improving their internal gender policies. 

Objective 3: Enabling Environment More Conducive to Long-Term Sustainability of Civil Society 

Civil society priorities developed by the Moldova NGO Council with support of the MPSCS grantee Tineri si Liberi accepted as part of the Government of Moldova Activity Plan for the next four years.   
Centrul de Resurse Juridice (Legal Resources Centre) shared its comments on the adopted 2% mechanism and amendments to the Law on Public Associations with Ministry of Justice. 
A monitoring report on the implementation of the CS Strategy presented by TsL and the National Council of NGOs at the Annual Conference on Cooperation between Parliament and Civil Society on April 7, 2015.
Government of Moldova approved the methodological Instructions for CSO accounting developed by the Ministry of Finance, comments on how to apply this document developed and widely disseminated by MPSCS 
Three distant learning sessions to improve skills of Centrul de Resurse Juridice (Legal Resources Centre) on enabling environment for CSOs provided by ECNL. 
A weeklong fellowship at ECNL/Budapest focused on advocacy and coalition building for CSO law reform completed by Centrul de Resurse Juridice (Legal Resources Centre).
MPSCS provided most-up-to-date comparative materials and European trends in CSO law to its partners Motivatie, Contact Center, Tineri si Liberi and Centrul de Resurse Juridice (Legal Resources Centre).  
MPSCS updated the comparative brief on monitoring the CS development strategies implementation and submitted it to State Chancellery.

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