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This report covers the first quarter of the Moldova Partnerships for Sustainable Civil Society (MPSCS) project, a five-year project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by FHI 360.

 Some of the highlights of the work accomplished during this quarter include:
 Objective 1: CSOs More Effectively Represent their Constituencies
  • MPSCS launched the solicitation for the Engage Program Partners grants for CSOs seeking to strengthen and engage their constituencies through advocacy and participation activities and delivery of services.In three bidders conferences in Cahul, Bălți and Chișinău, MPSCS informed a total of 60 CSOs about the USAID-supported MPSCS Request for Applications (RFA) for CSO activities focused on demand-driven capacity development and constituency engagement.
  • The Moldova Civil Society Strengthening Program’s (MCSSP) guide on How to Promote Gender Equality within Civil Society Organizations was presented as a leading resource for CSOs at the UN Women’s Gender Knowledge Fair.
  • MPSCS provided input in the evaluation of the reflecting of women and gender issues within the national and regional press in Moldova aside Minister of Labor, Social Protection and Family Valentina Buliga and Swedish Ambassador Ingrid Tersman at the roundtable organized by Association of Independent Press.
  • MPSCS actively participated in policy dialogue within the national and regional working groups lead by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Moldova on the 2014-2020 National Strategy for Youth Sector Development.
Objective 2: The Institutional Capacities of Strategic Partners Developed
  • The Individual Checklist (IC) pre-award CSO capacity assessment tool was developed by MPSCS to be used during the grant selection process to facilitate an accurate assessment of potential grantees’ capacity development needs.
  • Finalization of the Self-Assessment tool to measure the level of development, and training capacities, of CSOs applying to the Support to Moldovan Civil Society Development grant program.
  • Gender mainstreaming elements were incorporated into the MPSCS grant cycle management and capacity development tools.
  • MPSCS launched the solicitation to select three key partner CSOs under the grant program Support to Moldovan Civil Society Development.
Objective 3: Enabling Environment More Conducive to Long-Term Sustainability of Civil Society
  • MPSCS helped to establish a working group of leading CSOs and representatives of the Moldovan Parliament on furthering the cooperation between Civil Society and Parliament and implementing the Civil Society Development Strategy.
  • MPSCS collaborated with the Parliament and the Moldovan NGO Council to organize the upcoming Conference on the Cooperation between Civil Society and Parliament planned for Apri 29, 2014 and with the expected participation of Members of Parliament, Government ministers and officials, 50 CSOs, ambassadors, donors and international organizations.
  • MPSCS submitted comments to the Ministry of Justice on the Law on Public Associations, the Law on Foundations, CSO public utility status, and CSO registration and de-registration policy.
  • MPSCS-provided comments and suggestions on the Law on Transparency in Decision-making Process from 13 November 2008 were included in the amendment to the law approved by the government on April 2, 2014.
  • MPSCS, through the efforts of ECNL, organized an expert meeting with 16 representatives of line ministries responsible for contacts with CSOs to address the CSO Development Strategy and present models of CSO-government cooperation in other European countries.

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