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to questions addressed by applicants under the Request for Proposal


1. QUESTION: Propose venue arrangement (set up for the stage, tables, tents etc.); - Please specify technical requirements or obligatory set for the stage for example LED screen or a banner on the back of the stage.

ANSWER: The bidder is expected to propose the venue arrangements. Several minimum requirements are listed on page 3 of the RfP under the Section II. During the Event: Set up the fair. Arrange at least 20 tents 3x3, 40 tables and 80 chairs for CSOs, crafts, activities for children, and master classes;

2. QUESTION: Contract 1 moderator for the fair. Requirements include experience in moderating nonprofit Events; - language of the moderating is Romanian or English? Or both?
ANSWER: The event will be moderated in Romanian.
3. QUESTION: Contract 5-7 artists to perform at the event or a band; - please specify the preferable genre of the music (popular Moldovan music, classic etc). Music performance or it can be also the dance performance? Should this artist be the very famous ones or can be amateurs bands?
ANSWER: The bidder is expected to propose a list of artists or a band to fit with the concept of the event. 
4. QUESTION: Carry out 2 thematic press clubs in Chisinau (for around 15 CSOs, public officials and media representatives); - should be included price for a fourchette also? Any other special equipment like projector, flip charts, monitors etc?
ANSWER: Coffee, tea and refreshments should be provided. Equipment: it depends on your proposed format for these events.  
5. QUESTION: 1 press tour of journalists to a successful CSO (please specify quantity of persons and the region). 
ANSWER: The team of journalists should include at least 3-4 people. The successful CSO and the region (up to 130 km-one round-trip) will be identified in consultation with MPCSC.
6. QUESTION: 3 creative flash mobs (in the North, Centre and South regions of Moldova, during April 1-25, 2018) engaging youth and CSOs to promote the 2% designation mechanism). Please specify if this 3 flash mobs should be done at the same day or different days during the mentioned period. 
ANSWER: Both scenarios are possible. It depends on the proposed concept. 
7. QUESTION: Develop and broadcast a one-minute TV report on national TV channels between March June 2018 to promote MPSCS partner CSOs’ achievements; - in Financial Proposal_Attachment 1 is indicated M1 post, do we need to provide the price only for that channel? 

ANSWER: Yes, the one-minute TV report should be broadcasted on national TV channel – Moldova 1, as specified in the Financial Proposal (Attachment 1).

8. QUESTION: Produce and distribute promotional materials during the event (branded bags, key rings, etc.). - please specify quantity of the promo materials, they should be distributed during the all activities (press clubs, flash mobs etc or only at the Fair in the center of Chisinau?

ANSWER: Around 40-50 CSOs should attend the Fair. The applicant should estimate the quantity of the promotional materials and how to distribute them based on his developed concept.

9. QUESTION: Set up the fair. Arrange at least 20 tents 3x3, 40 tables and 80 chairs for CSOs, crafts, activities for children, and master classes; - please specify if crafts and master class activities for children should be organized by the vendor or just to provide the logistical support like procurement the materials for them, or we need to find the persons who will held the master class? What is the theme of the masterclasses?  

ANSWER: Crafts and master class should be organized by CSOs.

10. QUESTION: Provide all necessary audiovisual equipment (wireless microphones, video and audio mixers, speakers, projector and projecting screens).; - please specify the needed quantity of all requested equipment.

ANSWER: The applicant should estimate necessary audiovisual equipment for such an event. 

11. QUESTION: Ensure translation into Romanian for the English guests; - please specify quantity of translators. They need to translate only the presenter's speech on the stage or to provide translation support for the other participants in 20 tents?  Are requested services only for the Fair event or also for the press clubs, meetings and journalist tour in regions?

ANSWER: One translator should suffice. 

12. QUESTION: Ensure all participating CSOs have water, and CSOs outside of Chisinau receive snacks; -please specify quantity of invited persons.

ANSWER:  Please see the answer to question 8. 
13. QUESTION: Reimburse transportation costs for participating CSOs outside of Chisinau; - please specify the regions and quantity of persons.
ANSWER: At least 15-20 CSO from all regions of Moldova should participate at the event. 

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