FHI 360 Moldova


1. Association of Independent Press (API)
Project summary: Association of Independent Press conducts informational campaign about the advantages of European integration, through publishing of eight editions (84,000 copies each) of a newspaper supplement ”Obiectiv European: Let’s talk about Europe” and distributing them through national and regional newspapers; publishes articles promoting the European integration process on 10 online media (24 articles on each outlet); conducts 20 topic-based debates on European integration issues in different regions; produces and publishes six journalistic investigations intended for thwarting false information on the European integration process; and places 10 advertising banners promoting European integration on billboards in Chisinau and throughout the country.
Duration: October 1, 2014 - September 30, 2015  
2. Independent Journalism Center (CJI)
Project summary: Independent Journalism Center produces a series of media products targeting mostly rural populations and Russian-speaking regions who are more reticent towards EU integration such as: 10 two-minute films focused on success stories of entrepreneurs or citizens who benefited from EU-funded projects; two video spots; 30-minute documentary analyzing the political context and geopolitical factors surrounding the EU integration process, as well as the relationship between the EU and Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan Customs Union and 12 TV shows focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of EU integration and the Customs Union. All TV materials are broadcasted by local and national media. The organization also organizes four-day study visits to countries that have joined the EU in recent years for 15 journalists, including those from Russian-speaking communities and the Gagauz region. During the study visits, journalists learn to provide accurate coverage on the EU and EU integration-related subjects. After the visit, each journalist is going to produce at least two materials on EU issues and publish or broadcast them through the media they represent. Additionally, CJI organizes 10 discussion clubs for students of the Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism. Ambassadors of the USA, EU, other EU countries, as well as representatives of European institutions, are be invited to these discussions. Independent Journalism Center incorporates a one-week course on covering the EU integration process in the Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism curriculum.
Duration: October 1, 2014 - September 30, 2015 
3. National Youth Council of Moldova (CNTM)
Project summary: National Youth Council of Moldova promotes EU benefits among youth on national level. In this regards, the organization develops an informational and methodological guide for educators and youth workers on organizing civic education lessons on the EU and the integration process. Educators and youth workers use the guide to organize EU Weeks campaign in schools across Moldova, in partnership with Ministry of Education. The EU Weeks campaign take place at the same time in all participating schools. Over a period of three weeks, youth attend courses on EU values and what European citizenship means, and prepare EU Fairs. Parents, friends, youth organizations, and the media are invited to the Fairs. CNTM support school youth councils to create European corners in their school libraries, where youth will find resources about the EU. Around 1,000 schools are involved and over 150,000 students and 1,000 teachers improve their knowledge about the EU’s structure and the benefits of EU integration.
Duration: October 8, 2014 - October 7, 2015 
4. Regional Assistance and Information Centre for CSOs CONTACT- Cahul
Project summary: CONTACT-Cahul organizes public events and distributes promotional materials to inform citizens about the EU. The organization prepares a team of community outreach representatives who travel to rural communities and organize 50 workshops for youth. In order to spread the campaign messages to more than 15,000 residents in the south, including a third of ethnic minorities (Gagauz, Russians, and Bulgarians), CONTACT-Cahul organizes a regional caravan, "Euro Mobile". Equipped with Moldovan and EU flags and stickers, cars pass through 35 communities in the South, 15 of which are populated by ethnic minorities. CONTACT-Cahul also organizes an open-air cultural event to inform people about the European cultural exchange programs, funds, and opportunities. Overall, more than 17,000 people are expected to be involved in the Contact-Cahul activities.
Duration: November 1, 2014 - October 31, 2015 
5. Center for Assistance and Information of Young Economists "Certitudine"
Project summary: Certitudine organizes three flash mobs to raise awareness regarding EU integration reaching around 1500 youth and adults from target communities. All three flash mobs are organized in Balti. The CSO provides trainings to promote ERASMUS + in local schools and universities in order to connect youth to opportunities provided by EU in terms of youth mobility, skills building and jobs reaching for around 500 youth interested in youth mobility and non-formal education in the EU context. Also, Certitudine promotes EU values through a velo marathon reaching directly more than 500 young people and adults. The CSO plans to organize around 40 movie nights and outreach activities in students’ dormitories and public open-air theatres, door-to-door campaign in 50 villages to inform citizens about advantages of European integration and 50 quizzes on a Facebook page on EU topics. A youth conference organized in partnership with “Alecu Russo” University about perspectives of EU integration for Moldovan citizens reaches directly around 100 young people. In addition, Certitudine carries out two photo exhibitions in Balti.
Duration: October 24, 2014 - October 23, 2015 
6. Bălți University Legal Clinic (CJU)
Project summary: Bălți University Legal Clinic conducts an awareness campaign in the Northern Moldova to increase the public understanding of democratic process and of the European values. Volunteers equipped with branded T-shirts and caps distribute informational materials and facilitate discussions in seven localities. CJU holds information sessions at Bălți University with about 50 students and establishes a European Information and Resource Center within their office open to the community to visit and take advantage of a variety of informational materials on the EU and the EU integration process. CJU expects around 300 visitors per year to benefit from the Information and Resource Center.
Duration: October 15, 2014 - October 14, 2015 
7. Youth for the Right to Life (TDV)
Project summary: Youth for the Right to Life conducts a roundtable focused on European volunteering practices and the benefits of European integration of Moldova. The CSO organizes 2015 National Volunteer Week to support European integration and promote EU best practices in volunteering. To raise public awareness the organization distributes promotional and informative materials (T-shirts, bags, flyers, stickers, and posters). In addition, TDV organizes fundraising activities to support European integration activities and the National Caravan “Volunteering – European values and integration” in 10 different districts of Moldova. In each locality, TDV conducts cultural and artistic activities with local public authorities and citizes. The district and local organizations that promote European integration are mobilized to interact with citizens and distribute informational materials in the 10 tents.
Duration: October 24, 2014 - October 23, 2015 
8. Association of Psychologists Tighina (APT)
Project summary: Association of Psychologists Tighina mobilizes community leaders, LPA, volunteers, families, and children from Căușeni district to promote European values by facilitating a series of public actions in support of Moldova’s integration.  APT works with Radio Moldova to produce and distribute three radio programs and with regional TV “Studio-L” channel to organize three public debates; develops and distributes 14,000 leaflets (in Romanian and Russian) on examples of social assistance provided in EU countries, the myths and reality regarding the integration of the Republic of Moldova into the EU; produces a video spot and broadcasts it at “Studio-L” TV; organizes “Europe Day in Căușeni”; conducts discussions with at least 500 citizens from 35 communities from the region about the values promoted in the EU; organizes Elderly People Day in six localities of Căușeni and a drawing contest titled “European Vector” for at least 30 young persons from the community.
Duration: November 1, 2014 - October 31, 2015   
9. Foundation for Advancement of Moldova (FDRM)
Project summary: Foundation for Advancement of Moldova focuses on improving access to education and career development services for young people and bringing EU values in education closer to citizens. In partnership with the Ministry of Education, FDRM equips three Career Guidance and Counseling Centers from Soroca, Comrat and Cahul with the necessary resources to transfer knowledge, ideas and experience regarding the EU integration process and promote quality education and civic education. The organization conducts three EU cultural nights and three intellectual games in each targeted community in Soroca, Comrat and Cahul. To all of these events are invited not only young people, but also senior citizens. Through discussions and presentations, FDRM aims to bring closer to them the positive message of EU integration, benefits and values. All participants receive promotional materials and information about EU.
Duration: October 9, 2014 - October 8, 2015  
Project summary: CASMED organizes awareness campaign in Balti municipality and 10-12 target localities. The campaign include: door-to-door activities to inform elderly and isolated older people from rural villages about EU integration process; “Hour of Europe” events in ten schools; a nationwide drawing contest for children with the subject “I am a child of Europe'';  posting 28+1 informative panels about each member country of EU in the Central Gallery of Balti; publishes 10,000 leaflets and 2,000 informational brochures in Romanian and Russian to address common myths and stereotypes about the EU; develops a video and an informational movie of 5-8 minutes about the what EU means; street painting contest for children with the title “Be free to create”, and organize a flash mob to attract people interest towards Europe integration process of Moldova.
Duration: October 9, 2014 - October 8, 2015 
11. Resource Center Young and Free „Tineri şi Liberi”
Project summary: To empower civil society to support public authorities in the process of European integration of Moldova, Resource Center Young and Free „Tineri şi Liberi” conducts “five o’clock tea” informal meeting with the media partners of the National Council of CSOs and organizes a forum entitled “Civil Society Support for the European Integration of the Republic of Moldova”. The Forum brings together CSOs, media, central and local authorities and other key opinion leaders from communities to identify mechanisms through which the civil society and the National Council of CSOs/National Council for Participation may support the Moldova's integration in the European Union. Results of monitoring are presented during the eighth CSO Forum organized in summer 2015.
Duration: November 1, 2014 - October 31, 2015  
12. Caroma Nord
Project summary: Caroma Nord organizes a forum under the thematic “EU solidarity for the environment” to spread information on environmental EU opportunities, partnerships between the stakeholders involved in EU projects on environmental issues, and promotion of green economy. The forum brings together around 100 - 120 individuals, representatives of various bodies such as LPAs, CSOs, business sector, and schools. The organization produces informational materials (banners, T-shirts, TV and radio spots) to promote the forum. In addition, Caroma Nord conducts workshops on waste management in five districts from the North of Moldova such as for youth and teachers.


Duration: November 1, 2014 - October 31, 2015   
13. East European Foundation (FEE)
Project summary: East European Foundation combines capacities of different partners by subgranting to the following 9 CSOs: Urma Ta, Pro-Europe Center Comrat, Contact Center Balti, Dialog Center Cahul, Transparency International-Moldova, Dialog Pro, EBA, ADEPT and Expert-Grup. The CSO and its subgrantees increase awareness of and acceptance for the European path among the targeted population, by creating video spots and showcasing good examples from Poland, Romania, Estonia and Lithuania, by conducting 30 debates on EU integration and by implementing the Campaign “Pro-Europe – Pro-Democracy”. FEE supports the Secretariat of the NGO Platform for Europe, exploring the linkages available at national and grass roots level, enabling the Platform to highlight the benefits of EU Association Agreement and DCFTA and mobilizing popular support for EU integration. The project increases accountability of the Government on EU integration agenda by monitoring Moldova’s progress in implementing the EU Association Agreement.
Duration: October 15, 2014 – February 28, 2016 
 14. Interact Media Ltd
Project summary: Interact Media, though www.agora.md website, increases the support and understanding of business people regarding the benefits of the European integration of Moldova. The aim is achieved by producing and broadcasting 15 success stories of entrepreneurs, who have increased exports to the EU, or companies who had developed economic relations with the EU; by developing 10 online-TV episodes dedicated to the Association Agreement and its benefits; by producing and placing online 10 infographics about the EU standards, which must be followed by the business people; by developing on www.agora.md  an interactive module where everyone can see the main actions envisaged by the Association Agreement, the ministry or agency responsible for a certain implementation period, and the level of achievement.
Duration: January 1, 2015 - November 30, 2015
15. Pro Media Ltd
Project summary: Pro Media promotes the benefits and the impact of integration into European Union of Moldova for the inhabitants in villages from the South of Moldova. Pro Media produces 24 TV reportages (5-7 min each) about implemented projects with EU support in villages of Moldova and broadcasts these stories within 12 TV and Radio programs on EU integration of Moldova. 
Duration: January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015
16. Perspectiva
Project summary: Perspectiva promotes the benefits of EU integration of Moldova through the dissemination of European information to residents of Cahul district involving active local youth. Under the project, 20 young people are trained to carry out “door-to-door” campaign in 10 localities of Cahul district, and the social theatre presentations on the pro-EU topics in eight target communities of Cahul.
Duration: February 1, 2015 – January 31, 2016
17. Association of Independent TV Journalists (ATVJI)
Project summary: Association of Independent TV Journalists produces six media packages (TV programs, radio programs, print articles, and on-line stories) to explain the meaning of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement, the concerns faced by local population and how they might be overcome. ATVJI collects from Moldova’s communities people’s concerns, questions and topics about EU-Moldova Association Agreement and the EU Integration process of Moldova, gathers answers and explanations to these concerns by filming in European communities interviews and stories and broadcasts the final media products on public TV and radio stations, on local TV stations, and in on-line and print media.
Duration: March 1, 2015 - February 29, 2016
18. Moldovan Branch of Romanian Center for European Policies (CRPE)
Project summary: Moldovan Branch of Romanian Center for European Policies contributes to harmonization with European standards in education and construction field, using best practices from Romanian experience. The CSO informs private sector, academia and public institutions about the importance of the harmonization with the EU standards, by elaborating 1,000 promotion materials, organizing an Open Day at the National Institute of Standardization and organizing five information campaigns at five universities of Moldova. As well, CRPE involves academia in the process of transposing EU standards by conducting an assessment of the standardization issues in teaching process and curricula, elaborating a support guide for Ministry of Education and teachers and organizing a workshop with academia representatives to discuss these issues. The CSO informs also the representatives of construction sector about the need to use European standards in their business, through a case study on challenges in construction field and a public debate with all stakeholders.
Duration: March 1, 2015 - February 29, 2016
19. Fruit Growers and Exporters Association “Moldova Fruct” (Moldova Fruct)
Project summary: Fruit Growers and Exporters Association “Moldova Fruct” increases the level of knowledge and awareness of its members and other fruit producers from the North regions of Moldova about the advantages and benefits of EU-Moldova Association Agreement. The CSO carries out a study visit to Poland for 15 Association members and based on gathered information Moldova Fruct elaborates a study on advantages and benefits of EU integration for Moldova fruit growers. All information and learnt practices are presented during five regional workshops, one National Conference and reflected in seven press articles.
Duration: March 1, 2015 - February 29, 2016
20. National Assistance and Information Centre for NGOs in Moldova CONTACT (CONTACT Center)
Project summary: National Assistance and Information Centre for NGOs in Moldova CONTACT carries out EU awareness campaigns in 10 northern and central districts of Moldova. The CSO organizes 10 outside exhibitions of photographs and infographics in public locations about European projects implemented in communities accompanied by public discussions about the content, impact and importance of European integration for citizens of the target communities. 20 public debates for up to 1,000 opinion leaders, public employees, and CSOs’ leaders, members of the local initiative groups, business representatives, women, youth and socially vulnerable group representatives are conducted to support the campaign.
Duration: February 15 - October 14, 2015 

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