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            1. Center for Assistance and Information of Young Economists "Certitudine"
Project title: Inspire, Empower, Engage Youth in Community Development and promote EU integration 
Project summary: CERTITUDINE empowers 180 active young people from nine different rural communities in the northern part of Moldova with skills and knowledge to actively participate in decision-making and community development processes within their communities. In each of the target communities, the round table discussions on youth participation are organized with representatives of LPA, youth, schools and other local institutions, in order to identify the opportunities, challenges and solutions for youth participation at local level. In addition, the organization conducts training activities in each community on youth participation, volunteering, project planning and implementation, community outreach, mobilization and fundraising. Furthermore, Certitudine helps the youth to draft and to present public policy recommendations relevant to the issues addressed by their community projects. As result, 45 project proposals are going to be developed and implemented by youth based on the assessed needs in target communities. Furthermore, Certitudine helps the youth to draft and to present public policy recommendations relevant to the issues addressed by their community projects. 
Duration:  August 1, 2014 - March 31, 2018
2. Uniunea Tinerilor Romi din Republica Moldova "Tarna Rom”
Project title: Voice of Roma Coalition
Project summary: Tarna Rom Union of the Youth Roma of Moldova creates a civic platform named - Voice of Roma Coalition - consisting of CSOs working with Roma people in Moldova, to monitor the implementation of the Government Roma inclusion Action Plan. Voice of Roma Coalition organizes three advocacy campaigns in Gagauzia region cities - Comrat, Ceadar Lunga, Basarabiasca and Taraclia, warn the Government about hasty decisions related to Roma people by producing and publishing four monitoring reports. In addition, the Voice of Roma Coalition publishes a policy document with solutions based on analyzes and identified problems.
Duration: September 1, 2014 - February 9, 2016
3. Bălți University Legal Clinic (CJU)
Project title: Strengthening capacities of CSOs providing community legal services and European Integration Values and promoting the European integration process 
Project summary: Bălți University Legal Clinic strengthens CSOs that provide pro bono legal services in their communities. Bălți University Legal Clinic develops minimum standards on how CSOs should provide legal assistance to citizens as well as strengthen their organizational capabilities. CJU also strengthens partnerships between 20 CSOs and regional offices of the National Legal Aid Council as well as with LPAs, and develops skills of 30 young people in advanced legal practices and involves them to provide free legal advice to people in Northern communities on a volunteer basis. In line with its mission, CJU provides free legal assistance to at least 1,000 socially disadvantaged people from northern Moldova.
Duration: August 1, 2014 - March 31, 2018
4. Women and Child – Protection and Support (FCPS)
Project title: Different Shores – Common Goals
Project summary: Women and Child – Protection and Support strengthens the organizational capacities of four CSOs, on both banks of the Dniester River, to allow them to more efficiently promote and protect the rights of disadvantaged persons. Activities include: focus groups and consultations as well as organizational development trainings for the CSOs. Furthermore, FCPS aims to improve collaboration between the CSOs and the LPAs through roundtable discussions, workshops, and cooperation agreements. In this regard, the CSOs organizes roundtables to discuss discrimination cases and develops recommendations to ensure the rights of disadvantaged people.
Duration: August 1, 2014 - March 31, 2018
5. Association of the Independent Press (API)
Project title: Building capacities of independent media by providing specialized services and strengthening the resources of API members by promoting European values and norms, and a media campaign against false and biased information 
Project summary: Association of Independent Press builds the capacity of independent media by strengthening its Center for Assistance to independent media. API’s Center for Assistance IT specialist, web-designer, economist, designer and legal expert  conduct training sessions and provide ongoing assistance aimed to strengthen and streamline the technical, web-design, financial and advertising resources of 16 media outlets. As result, 80 services to API constituents are to be provided by the Center for Assistance experts and 90 members of editorial offices trained. Moreover, API undertakes ongoing media monitoring and produce media pieces to dispel disinformation and propaganda perpetuated in Moldova by the national and international media outlets. API, in partnership with ATVJI, and CJI produce in Romanian and Russian media pieces (TV, printed and radio) to dispel misinformation; undertake media monitoring by presenting cases of manipulation and propaganda through media; organize public discussions about false information and protection measures against information manipulation. In addition, they develop and maintain an online platform, Mediacritica.md, which will help media consumers to understand how the media manipulate information; and to improve critical thinking and serve as a self-regulatory tool for Moldovan journalists.  
Duration:  August 1, 2014 - March 31, 2018 
6. Youth for the Right to Life (TDV)
Project title:Human and finance resources consolidation for development of the Moldovan civil society sector engaged in volunteer activities and promotion of European integration 
Project summary: Youth for the Right to Life increases the viability, visibility and influence of the volunteer sector in Moldova. The CSO develops the core training curricula for Volunteer Coordinators and the course support “Fundraising for the Volunteering Programs in Moldova”. Youth for the Right to Life creates the Moldovan network of host volunteer institutions and provides support to around 300 CSOs in developing viable Volunteering Programs. Additionally, the organization conducts at least 12 workshops with relevant authorities to adopt the necessary regulations to simplify the acceptance of the volunteers by the host institutions. Three monitoring reports on the implementation of volunteering public policies are published during the project.
Duration: August 1, 2014 - March 31, 2018 
Project title: Rural Civil Society Organizations as Proactive Actors in the provision and development of community services and promotion of European integration 
Project summary: CASMED assists rural CSOs in the North of Moldova, facilitates partnerships with local and regional governments on social service contracting in rural communities, and raises awareness in these communities about the work of local CSOs. CASMED focuses on consolidating the network of 10 CSOs that provide community services in the northern part of the country. Activities for the network includes organizing a CSO study visit, a roundtable discussion with LPAs, community-surveying activities, four trainings on advocacy and fundraising, and one “Active Aging Festival”. At least 10 Informational days are going to be organized in different communities to discuss the current interactions between civil society and local government, to inform them of the general sense of satisfaction in the community and to suggest potential improvements.
Duration: August 1, 2014 - March 31, 2018
8. Center Partnership for Development (CPD)
Project title: Top Moldovan employers become models of non-discrimination
Project summary: Center Partnership for Development promotes the adoption of gender non-discrimination procedures in the labor market by organizing annual employers’ forums, analyzing best practice in non-discrimination, developing a labor market discrimination index, and advocating public policy reform and reform at the organizational level among top employers in Moldova. Lastly, CPD trains and consults at least 40 private companies on how to apply the gender non-discrimination procedures.
Duration: August 1, 2014 - October 31, 2017
9. Association of Psychologists from Tighina (APT)
Project title: CSOs from Căușeni, Anenii Noi, Ștefan Vodă Districts and Transnistrian Region – More Viable and Competitive in Protection of Youth being in Social Difficulty and promoting European values 
Project summary: Association of Psychologists from Tighina develops the capacity of social actors from target districts to more effectively assist youth experiencing hardship and to facilitate these actors’ relationship with LPAs. The association builds capacities of CSOs from Căușeni, Ștefan-Vodă, Anenii Noi including the left bank of the Nistru River, working with youth left without parental care as result of migration, empowering them in providing better assistance and enhancing their internal organizational capacities. Lastly, APT encourages the participation of these organizations in local council meetings to put the issues of youth in hardship on the agendas of local governments.
Duration: August 1, 2014 - March 30, 2018
10. Independent Journalism Center (CJI)
Project title: Advocacy Campaigns Aimed at Improving Transparency of Media Ownership and Access to Information and promotion of EU values and integration 
Project summary:  Independent Journalism Center ensures journalists’ and media consumers’ access to information by promoting legislative reforms and creating favorable conditions for media activity. CSO launches three advocacy campaigns aimed at promoting the bill on media ownership transparency, ensuring journalists’ access to meeting hall of the Parliament plenary sessions and amending the law on Access to Information. The campaigns includes four roundtable meetings, six press club events, the dissemination of petitions signed by journalists and media consumers in order to mobilize the society and strengthen public opinion with regard to the adoption of the Law on Access to Information, and Law on Transparency of Media Ownership.
Duration: August 1, 2014 - March 31, 2018
11. Association of Women with Large Families and Entrepreneurs of Gagauzia "VESTA"
Project title: Take part in decision-making!
Project summary: Vesta creates a Southern Alliance of seven Women CSOs that work on women’s empowerment. Each member of the Alliance is establishing a public council at local level, consisting of active citizens and representatives of the Civil Society Organizations, to be systematically convened to advocate for rights of women including women-entrepreneurs, to collaborate with LPAs and to consult the LPAs’ representatives on solutions of women problem. These objectives are achieved through a variety of workshops, webinars, conferences, as well as a multimedia promotional campaign.
Duration: August 15, 2014 - March 31, 2018
12. National Youth Council of Moldova (CNTM)
Project title: Implementation and evaluation of action plan of National Strategy of Developing Youth Sector 2014 and promotion of European Integration 
Project summary: National Youth Council of Moldova develops evidence-based youth policies by first developing an evaluation methodology and then using it to evaluate the implementation of youth policies, as well as performing a comprehensive evaluation of how central and local budgets are allocated with regard to youth activities, youth centers and local youth funds. CNTM organizes local consultations with youth and youth workers/public officials regarding implementation of local and national strategies on youth and creation and spending of local budgets allocated for youth, including youth workers action plan for youth. At the end of each year, CNTM publishes one report summarizing local consultations results and recommendations.
Duration: August 1, 2014 - March 31, 2018
13. Caroma Nord
Project title: Increased involvement of civil society in Environmental protection and accountability in decision making through the creation of the Environmental Coalition in Balti and promote the EU environmental values 
Project summary: Caroma Nord builds the capacity of environmental CSOs that are implementing advocacy campaigns with the active involvement of community members in decision-making. Caroma Nord creates a North Environmental Coalition of 30 CSOs and surveys around 50 citizens to find out what are the environmental issues of Balti region. Based on findings, Environmental Strategy and Action Plan of Balti region is developed, submitted to LPA’s representatives and monitored its implementation.
Duration: November 1, 2014 - March 31, 2018
14. Foundation for Advancement of Moldova (FDRM)
Project title: Improving the performance of the educational system by implementing regulatory impact analysis and effectively involving education-focused CSOs in the process and promotion of EU values in the educational field 
Project summary: Foundation for Advancement of Moldova improves Moldova’s education system by developing the Regulatory Impact Assessment concept (RIA) in the education sector in partnership with the Ministry of Education. The organization develops skills of representatives of LPAs, the Ministry of Education and CSOs on how to apply RIA to ensure better regulatory initiatives and to improve public servants’ skills in implementing education policies. To improve the effectiveness of CSO involvement in public policy formation and implementation, the organization hosts workshops with CSOs and the Ministry of Education, and conducts trainings on social accountability tools.
Duration: September 1, 2014 - March 31, 2018
15. Association “Motivație” from Moldova
Project title: Youth with and without disability together actively participating in community life and decision-making and improving social entrepreneurship legal framework 
Project summary: Motivație works on creating six functional structures formed of young people with and without disabilities in rural areas/regions in order to become actively involved in solving community problems. The organization selects and develops capacity of 18 beneficiaries to participate more actively in community decision-making and strengthen their organizational processes. Youth organized into six local groups develop and implement their project proposals based on identified needs. Additionally, Motivație supports the government to develop a working definition of social entrepreneurship for Moldova. In this regard, they organize a series of workshops and meetings with relevant stakeholders, including interested CSOs, to identify issues faced by CSOs implementing social entrepreneurship, and to develop recommendations aimed at improving the legal framework for CSOs social entrepreneurship.  
Duration: September 1, 2014 - March 31, 2018
16. ProComunitate Center
Project title: Strengthening youth work
Project summary: ProComunitate develops youth policies and promotes dialogue among community actors to stimulate youth participation in local governance processes. ProComunitate organizes public debates for young people between the ages of 16 and 30, representatives of local councils, teachers, and local civil society representatives to identify youth problems in the community and initiate a team-building session to identify solutions regarding youth participation in decision-making at the local level. Discussions highlight the issues of youth participation in the LPA public decision-making. ProComunitate creates a monitoring team to track the inclusion of youth participation in decision-making process.
Duration: August 15, 2014 - August 14, 2017
17. EcoContact
Project title: Strengthening participatory governance by developing the capacities of CSOs
Project summary: EcoContact strengthens participatory governance by providing capacity building trainings to CSO, facilitating the implementation of pilot projects and publishing lessons learned. EcoContact creates Communities’ Working Groups to implement in three pilot communities the Green Economy model - a method of engaging citizens in public decision-making. Governance experience from these communities is shared with other localities and CSOs.
Duration: August 1, 2014 – July 31, 2017
18. Center of Legal Assistance for Persons with Disabilities (CAJPD)
Project title: Increase the degree of people with disabilities participation in public policy processes
Project summary: Center of Legal Assistance for Persons with Disabilities increases the capacity of 36 CSOs working with people with disabilities to influence public policy and better represent constituents' interests. CAJPD conducts a training on advocacy campaigns, participation in public policy process and mobilizing constituencies; and coaches at least nine of these CSOs in initiation/development/implementation/monitoring of at least nine major public policies related to people with disabilities at regional or national level.
Duration: October 1, 2014 - March 31, 2018
19. Platforma pentru Cetățenie Activă și Parteneriat pentru Drepturile Omului (Former: Resource Center Young and Free („Tineri şi Liberi”)) 
Project title: Strengthening a sustainable civil society and supporting the European integration process 
Project summary: Platforma pentru Cetățenie Activă și Parteneriat pentru Drepturile Omului coordinates the secretariat of the National Council of CSOs - an umbrella organization elected by CSOs and representing the interests of the Moldovan CSOs. Young and Free holds regular meetings of the National Council of CSOs and monitors the implementation of the Civil Society Development Strategy for 2012-2015 and Government commitments under the Moldova – European Union Association agreement to develop the civil society. Platforma pentru Cetățenie Activă și Parteneriat pentru Drepturile Omului devotes a large portion of time to develop and publish monitoring reports. Besides that, Platforma pentru Cetățenie Activă și Parteneriat pentru Drepturile Omului facilitates quarterly meetings with relevant Ministries and Parliament Committees to discuss the mechanism of percentage designation (2% mechanism), the Laws on Donations and Social Contracting. The CSO also participates in the meetings organized by the Ministries and the Parliament Committees to develop the Civil Society Development Strategy for 2016-2019. In addition, the organization carries out at least 10 workshops to familiarize 100 Moldovan CSOs with current CSO-related fiscal legislation.
Duration: November 1, 2014 - March 31, 2018



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