FHI 360 Moldova



Monthly, FHI 360 invites national and local civil society members, government representatives, private sector, experts and journalists to the Press Club meetings of the civil society. At each meeting real - CSOs life stories are discussed. Participants share their experience, whether it's a success and or the encountered problems.

11 Press Clubs were held—with the active participation of government officials, journalists, and representatives of civil society and businesses—covering issues important to the CSO development such as volunteering, partnerships between CSOs and the businesses, new information technologies that can be used to solve community problems, the difficulties facing rural youth, etc. These meetings produced potential solutions to improve the VAT exemption mechanism for CSOs; and, they also helped build a stronger working relationship between local authorities and CSOs.

During one Press Club meeting, MediaPoint CSO established a successful partnership with the Town Hall of Chişinău. As a result, the link to the online platform www.alerte.mdwas posted on the municipality’s official website. Now, the municipality is trying to promptly solve all the problems reported by citizens.

Media coverage of events (links):

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