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Moldova Partnerships for Sustainable Civil Society (MPSCS) is a five-year project (2013-2018) funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by FHI 360. The project strengthens the capacity of Moldovan civil society to represent citizen’s interests, influence policymaking, and sustain the sector’s democratic role for the future. The $8.9 million project also produces and disseminates an awareness-raising campaign around Moldova’s proposed integration to the European Union, including a media campaign against false and biased information about this process, and empowers civil society organizations (CSOs) to advocate on behalf of people with disabilities.

Through MPSCS, FHI 360 provides a variety of services to government institutions, citizens, and CSOs, including funding, technical assistance, institutional development, networking opportunities, and capacity building in the skills necessary to improve the enabling legal and fiscal framework.

The project has three main objectives:

1) CSOs more effectively represent their constituencies through trainings and competitive 46 sub-awards, which include hands-on technical assistance, mentoring, and consultancy services, to mission-driven CSOs throughout the country. This work focuses on local CSOs and improve their abilities to engage with their constituents, the public, and the media, including traditional and new media. Support for strategic advocacy initiatives strengthen civil society organizations and their connections with authorities. A focal point of the program efforts is to expand the spaces for transparent interaction between civil society, citizens, and government at both the local and national levels. These activities raise public awareness on the positive contribution made by CSOs and facilitate an open and public discussion on important policy issues. In addition, CSOs are supported to carry out European Union integration awareness campaign throughout Moldova. “EUROPE FOR YOU” is the informational campaign launched by MPSCS to improve public understanding of European integration, to communicate with citizens and help them to get clear, direct answers to their questions about Moldova’s European integration and explain how EU-Moldova Association Agreement will affect economics, education, health, and agriculture.

2) Institutional capacity of strategic partners developed through assessments, development planning, training, coaching, and mentoring to improve the governance, financial management, procurement, project management and fundraising skills of CSOs from throughout Moldova. MPSCS provides enhanced assistance to three selected CSOs in the areas of constituency engagement, capacity development, and legal and regulatory reform. Enhanced assistance (intensive technical assistance and capacity building) is expected to prepare these sector leads to receive direct USAID or other major donors funding. To improve the long-term prospects for CSO sustainability, MPSCS also supports a local market for capacity development services and providers. Objective Two activities will result in better governed, more accountable, and more capably managed CSOs with improved systems to deliver services and mobilize citizens.

3) Enabling environment more conducive to long-term sustainability of civil society through individualized technical assistance, workshops, exchanges, and mentoring from FHI 360 and its partner the European Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ECNL), expertise is provided to advance legal and regulatory reforms to enable a better functioning civil society. Working in coordination with the civil society representative bodies, MPSCS also build the capacity of governmental and civil society entities to promote the reforms and ensure implementation of the laws and policies, with a particular focus on the Civil Society Development Strategy. Additional activities include capacity building for civil society organizations and government institutions to develop laws and policies that improve opportunities for civil society, particularly in the area of financial sustainability. These activities will result in strengthened CSOs and government institutions with the skills and abilities to further develop an enabling environment favorable to an effective, sustainable civil society sector in Moldova.

Program activities reaches all regions of Moldova and will build and expand on successful civil society experiences and will seek broad participation at local, regional, and national levels of CSOs and their constituents, as well as the media, public authorities, and donors.


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